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*Based on our estimates, that would be more than 18,000 tons of plastic. Remember to recycle your shampoo bottles.

Toothbrushes are generally only recyclable through take-back programs, as most municipalities don’t accept them as recycling.

That is why the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is committed to taking care of the natural resources we are privileged to

Find out what you can recycle and where with the Earth 911 Recycling Locator!

Pill and medicine bottles are usually #1, #2 or #5 plastics, so it’s important to check the bottoms and determine what your municipality acce

Data based on a Shelton Group survey of Americans

Help keep bathroom recyclables out of our landfills and make a difference.

*Data via 2013 Cone Communications Green Trend Tracker

The plastic wrap used on common bathroom products like toilet paper and cotton balls is commonly made from plastic #2 — just like plastic gro

Even though caps are often made of a different plastic, there is no need to separate caps from bottles.

Help reduce this number. Recycle bathroom products.