If we work together to recycle in the bathroom, we can keep more than 60,000 tons of waste out of landfills each year.

If you’ve collected tiny shampoo and lotion bottles on your travels this summer, rinse and dry them to use again the next time you travel!

Max Milk Jug and Whitney Water Bottle always seem to get recycled…but will Sophie Shampoo and Mason Mouthwash make it to the recycling bin wh

Wondering what to do when a light bulb in your bathroom burns out? Wonder no longer!

You use sunscreen to protect your kids, so it makes sense to recycle the packaging to protect their planet, too.

When your baby’s shampoo and wash bottles run out, give them a rinse and then recycle the empty bottles!

Over 96% of Americans have access to community paper and paperboard recycling.

What happens to a shampoo bottle when it gets recycled?

Save water AND feel patriotic this 4th of July!

Recyclable plastic bathroom products are usually labeled 1,2 or 5, depending on the type of plastic they contain.

It’s no fun to let the water run.

It’s an age-old dilemma: you’re in the bathroom, drying your hair—and it finally conks out. Now what do you do?

Upcycle your mixed plastic or #5 plastic containers into maracas!  Re-sealable plastic tubs make great DIY maracas for kids!

Colored eggs aren’t the only things kids love to find!

Did you know? The better you rinse your shampoo and lotion bottles, the easier it is for recycling companies to process them!

The more you know about what is recyclable, the more earth-friendly you can make your cleaning!

Thinking of tossing that empty floss container in the trash?

Did you know? Recycled #1 plastic(like the type found in mouthwash bottles) can be made into carpeting!

Give your bottles a quick rinse before you recycle!

And so is the FSC (ForestStewardship Council) certified paperboard used in BAND-AID® Brand packaging!

You can leave screw-on caps on most empty plastic bottles when you recycle!

When you recycle your plastic bottles of lotion, soap, and other health & beauty products, you’re helping to ensure that new bottles are

Big, small, green or blue—add a recycle bin to your bathroom that matches your style, and our earth will thank you!

By using every last bit of product, you can save plastic in the bathroom (and money!).