This is why you should put a recycling bin in your bathroom

Need more proof that recycling is powerful? Consider this fact: Recycling one plastic shampoo bottle saves enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes!

Not only that, did you know:

  • Recycling 5 plastic bottles (PET) provides enough fiber to fill to fill one ski jacket?1
  • Recycling 1 ton of plastic bottles saves the equivalent energy usage of a two-person household for one year?1
  • Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only two-thirds of the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials?2

60% of moms say they’d be more likely to recycle bathroom products if they had a recycling bin in their bathroom. With all these facts in mind, imagine what a powerful difference it could make for our planet if we all made that simple change!

Helping our planet could truly be as easy as putting a recycling bin in every bathroom. Share these recycling facts with your friends to remind them of the power of recycling, and add a recycling bin to your bathroom today!

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