What happens when a shampoo bottle gets recycled?

What happens to a shampoo bottle when it gets recycled? See all the steps in our infographic, then read this article to learn about the process in more detail!

Where do the recycling trucks take the recycling?

What happens next to our shampoo bottle? After it has been baled, it is transported to a Reclaiming Facility. Here, trash and dirt are removed, the plastic is washed and then the bottle (and all the plastic around it) is ground into small flakes.

The clean plastic flakes are dried, melted, filtered, and formed into pellet shapes. Then they are shipped to a new location.

From plastic pellets to brand new products!

In the final stage of the lifecycle of a recyclable shampoo bottle, plastic pellets are shipped from the Reclaiming Facility to product manufacturing plants that use post-consumer recycled plastics to create new products and packaging. Products are then made available in stores for consumers to buy and enjoy, and (with your help) the process begins again!