Recycle your way to a festive holiday

We love making these holiday gift holders every year. Not only are they adorable, they’re perfect for all kinds of holiday celebrations and are fully recyclable after the new year begins. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to use these DIY crafts to maximize your holiday fun!

Here’s how to make DIY gift holders

Step 1: Gather your empty toilet paper tubes

Whether you’ve been saving them up all year or just have a few to spare, you can make as many or as few gift holders as you like.

Step 2: Fill with small-sized gifts

Physically, your gifts will have to be small in size if you want to fit them in these cute holders. Feel free to stick to stocking stuffer-type gifts such as wrapped candy, costume jewelry, or small toy cars. But if you’ve got a larger gift in mind, don’t let this small-sized holder limit you! Show-stopping gifts like an engagement ring or a key to a brand new car will fit very nicely inside.

Step 3: Wrap in recyclable wrapping paper

Once you’ve filled your tube with gifts, you’re ready to wrap it up. Choose recyclable paper so you or your recipient can easily recycle the holder once the gift is given.

Step 4: Tie with a ribbon

Tie both ends with a pretty ribbon, and you’re ready to give your uniquely wonderful gift to that special someone.

Other uses for this cute DIY craft

Gift-giving is a great way to use our DIY gift holders, but there are a bunch of other ways you can use them this holiday. Here are just a few ideas—use your imagination to come up with as many as you like!

Idea #1: Holiday Garland

For this idea, you’ll need a whole lot of toilet paper tubes. Create them individually using the steps above (just skip Step #2—you won’t need to fill them with gifts this time). Then, connect them together with ribbon and string them around your window frame as a festive garland.

Idea #2: New Years Eve Wishes

Create a set of gift holders as per the steps outlined above, but instead of filling with gifts in Step #2, fill with a hand-written wish for the new year! Then, give them out as gifts to the attendees of your New Year’s Eve party.

How to recycle after the holidays

When the holiday fun is done, these gift holders and DIY decorations are easily recycled. First, untie the ribbon and save for a future project. Unwrap the recyclable wrapping paper, discard any tape, and toss both the toilet paper tube and the recyclable wrapping paper in your recycling bin for pickup. Happy holidays!