How to reduce waste and recycle more when hosting guests

Hosting overnight guests? Don’t miss our ideas on how to make it easier for you and your guests to keep up good recycling habits in the bathroom and beyond. 

Below you’ll find easy tips and ideas to maximize your recycling potential before, during, and after your guests’ visit.

What to do BEFORE your guests arrive…

  1. Prep for your guests’ visit by making sure there is a recycling bin in the guest bathroom. Make sure it is clearly labeled “Recycling” and place it next to the garbage bin so guests are aware there is an option. If you don’t have room in your bathroom for two bins, insert a divider into your trash bin and label one side “Trash” and one side “Recycling.”
  2. Provide toiletries for your guests, and let them know beforehand that you’re doing this so they don’t feel the need to bring their own. This way, you can choose products that come in recyclable packaging, or buy in bulk and simply continue to refill chic reusable dispensers.
  3. Provide terrycloth towels instead of paper towels in the bathroom to reduce waste.

What to do DURING your guests’ visit…

  1. Let your guests know that you make it a habit to recycle in the bathroom, and encourage them to come to you with questions if they’re not sure if something is recyclable or not.
  2. Empty the bathroom recycling bin regularly during your guests’ stay so that there is always room to add more recycling.

What to do AFTER your guests’ visit…

  1. If your guests leave any recyclable items behind in their room, recycle them! If you’re not sure if something is recyclable or how to recycle it, use this handy search tool.

Best wishes on a happy and healthy holiday season for you and all your guests!