How to recycle in the bathroom

Recycling in the bathroom is just like recycling in other parts of your home—but 4 out of 5 people still don’t do it consistently! We hope this easy guide on how to recycle in the bathroom will help you expand your recycling efforts into the smallest room in your house.

Step #1 to recycling in the bathroom: Identify

The first step to recycling bathroom products is to identify which ones are commonly accepted by most recycling programs. Your kids can be great at this! Find a list of products you can recycle in the bathroom here, then have your kids go on a hunt to see which ones are present in your bathroom.

Step #2 to recycling in the bathroom: Check

After you’ve established which empty bathroom products in your home are commonly recyclable, it’s a good idea to double-check with your municipality to learn what they will and will not accept.

Step #3 to recycling in the bathroom: Rinse

When you give bottles a quick rinse to remove residue, you make them easier to recycle. And that makes things better for everyone!

Step #4 to recycling in the bathroom: Bin

Now that your containers are rinsed, you can put them in your outdoor recycling bin. Keeping a small indoor recycling bin in the bathroom (to empty into your larger bin later) makes it easy to remember to keep recyclable bathroom products out of the trash.

Step #5 to recycling in the bathroom: Drop off if needed

If your municipality doesn’t accept a recyclable item in your bathroom, use this locator to discover a drop-off location near you.


With this guide, you’re ready to maximize your recycling efforts in the bathroom! Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping us make our planet healthier for everyone.