Hanging Planters

Hard plastic tubs that once held your favorite lotions and other potions can be remade into the perfect pots for plants. Give the empty tubs a makeover with colorful craft paint (we used 3 coats) and let it dry overnight.

  1. Cut eight long strips of rope (each about 3 feet long) and knot together on the bottom, leaving a decorative tail of about 2” long. 
  2. Then, knot the 4 pairs of rope together about 3” from the bottom knot. To finish the hanging holder, knot adjacent strands together again about 3” away from the previous knot. 
  3. Knot the top of the rope ends (where it will hang) and place the colorful pot inside. 
  4. Fill with soil and add arid-loving plants like succulents and cacti.