America Recycles Day is November 15th, which makes it the perfect time of year to reconsider all the overlooked recyclables in your house!

You can leave screw-on caps on most empty plastic bottles when you recycle!

Our partners at Keep America Beautifulput together this list of the Top 10 Things to Recycle in Your Home—and guesswhat?

When you recycle your plastic bottles of lotion, soap, and other health & beauty products, you’re helping to ensure that new bottles are

Big, small, green or blue—add a recycle bin to your bathroom that matches your style, and our earth will thank you!

Some resolutions are hard to keep. But recycling in the bathroom is so easy, you’ll be able to stick with it all year long.

Happy New Year from Care to Recycle®! Help us make 2015 the year of recycling more in the bathroom.

The power of recycling 1 plastic bottle can really be en”light”ening!

By using every last bit of product, you can save plastic in the bathroom (and money!).

You always see the “numbers” on the bottom of your plastic products, but what do they really mean? This chart can help you figure it out.

Consider giving a second life to some of your gently used plastic toys.

Make these easy holiday gift holders with your kids.  Just cover a toilet paper roll with your favorite wrapping paper, fill with candy, jewelry or

Recycled PET products, such as mouthwash bottles, can be turned into fiberfill for winter coats!

We loved seeing your reasons and tips for recycling in the bathroom over the past month.

Show us how you recycle as a family.

We’ve learned that keeping a recycling bin in the bathroom is one of the best ways to remember to recycle!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Care to Recycle®!

Win prizes for recycling!

You saw it right. The energy saved by recycling ONE plastic bottle can power a computer for 25 minutes!

Traveling for the holidays? You can still recycle in hotel bathrooms or use your own refillable bottles.

How have your genius creations simplified your life?

Today is America Recycles Day! Although today is a nationally recognized day dedicated to recycling, it is something we can do year-round.

America Recycles Day is tomorrow! Share pictures of your recycling efforts and tips.

Share photos of how you recycle in the bathroom using #CARETORECYCLE and #Entry on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or our gallery for the chance

When you’re finished with your lotion bottles, be sure to place them in the recycling bin. 

One small act a day, such as throwing your used plastic shampoo bottles in the recycling bin, can make a big difference. 

Happy Halloween! After eating Halloween sweet treats, do you know which of the products we use to clean our teeth can be recycled?

Pumpkins are a fun fall decoration, but can you imagine being surrounded by 1.8 million of them at once?

This arts & craft project is a fun way to put a “stamp” on recycling with your kids!

Help the planet and save space in the smallest room in the house by using a divided waste basket.

With Fall in full-swing, many of you may be experiencing the sniffles!  Did you know that cardboard tissue boxes are mostly recyclable?

Whether it be a soda or mouthwash bottle, both are most likely made of #1 or #2 plastic, which happens to be the most common plastic accepted

Save money and spend time with your child during this back to school season by making a fun supplies holder out of old toilet paper rolls.

Research shows one of the main reasons people don’t recycle in the bathroom is because they don’t have a bin.

According to a Shelton Group Survey, only 35% of Americans consistently recycle items found in their medicine cabinet such as pill bottles.

It’s time to take action! September 20 is International Coastal Cleanup Day.

Today is International Coastal Cleanup Day!

Do you want to get involved with International Coastal Cleanup day?

Plastic bottles marked #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) are recyclable in most communities.