Recycling Facts
Get answers to your questions — big and small — about recycling.

Recycling transforms trash in all kinds of surprising ways!

You’ve used up all your bandages caring for your family’s cuts and scrapes and made the brilliant, earth-friendly choice to recycle your bandage ca…

What happens if you put that empty shampoo bottle in the trash instead of the recycling bin?

The amount of plastic we throw away each year is enough to circle the earth FOUR times.

When you recycle your toilet paper tubes, you’re helping to make sure new trees aren’t cut down and processed to create new tubes—and you’re also h

You may have heard that recycling is better than a landfill—but do you know why that it is?

Learn what happens to a toilet paper tube after it gets collected from your curbside recycling bin, and discover the fascinating process behind how

Do you know recycled plastic bottles can be turned into fillings for jackets and stuffed animals?

Recycling in the bathroom is just like recycling in other parts of your home—but 4 out of 5 people still don’t do it consistently!

If we work together to recycle in the bathroom, we can keep more than 60,000 tons of waste out of landfills each year.

Over 96% of Americans have access to community paper and paperboard recycling.

What happens to a shampoo bottle when it gets recycled?

Recyclable plastic bathroom products are usually labeled 1,2 or 5, depending on the type of plastic they contain.

Thinking of tossing that empty floss container in the trash?

Did you know? Recycled #1 plastic(like the type found in mouthwash bottles) can be made into carpeting!