Recycle, reuse, and upcycle with these fun projects.

Make the choice to clean your makeup brushes instead of tossing them out and buying new ones!

We love making these holiday gift holders every year.

Hard plastic tubs that once held your favorite lotions and other potions can be remade into the perfect pots for plants.

With this kid-friendly DIY craft idea, you can upcycle your empty Neutrogena® Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream containers.

Encourage your kids to do more hand washing this Halloween.

Keeping a recycling bin in the bathroom is an easy way to remember to recycle personal care items.

When empty tubes of moisturizing goodness (like these Aveeno® Baby lotion tubes) are empty, it’s time to give them a new lease on life.

Give that empty Neutrogena® Hydroboost Water Gel container a second life—and reduce waste in landfills—by reusing it as a planter for succule

Empty hard plastic containers that once held skin care products can now help give your room a new glow!

What once held oil-free makeup remover can now hold stems of beautiful flowers.

Eye creams and specialty moisturizers often come in cute little jars that aren’t commonly recyclable.

Upcycle your mixed plastic or #5 plastic containers into maracas!  Re-sealable plastic tubs make great DIY maracas for kids!